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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


How to create a website
Creating a website is simple as reading email or surfing net, even we don't need knowledge of html, only basic is enough.

1. First buying a domain name for your site such as from dns providers like Bigrock, E-web guru etc

2. Then we need to setup the server for the hosting services, but setting up server for hosting cannot be done, since it needs more capital, therefore we can buy hosting services from various hosting providers.

3. Next step is to code your site, if you don't have any knowledge of web development, you can opt for the website builders given to you by your hosting provider, otherwise you can code yourself using php, .net or jsp etc.

4. You can also connect your domain with free web hosting services such as, etc for blogs.

5. If you need any informations, just feel free to contact us using the authors tab in navigation.


Marlon said...

"You can also connect your domain with free web hosting services." - I agree. If you're serious with SEO, I think investing money on paid web hosting is a good idea.

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SEO said...

I agree with the information how much money well be need for creating the website given the more information
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Shreeze said...

This blog is nice and very informative. I like this blog. Please keep it up.

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